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    Literacy and education play a huge role in children’s ability to follow their dreams. Yet 61 million primary school age children around the world are not able to obtain an education. That’s why Lions everywhere are so dedicated to increasing global literacy.The Follow Your Dream Children’s Video Project focuses on the importance...
    Venerdì, 25 Ottobre 2013 15:00

    Lions in the Headlines

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    Check out how Lions around the world are making headlines by serving their communities.UNITED KINGDOM: Towcester and District Lions Club support Dyslexia Awareness Week.ALABAMA, USA: Montgomery Lions Club hosts cooking contest to raise funds for service projects.AUSTRALIA: Lions Club of Austinmer/Thirroul step up to help brave young girl with rare...
    Mercoledì, 16 Ottobre 2013 15:00

    Palmer’s Blog: World Sight Day Recap

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    Last week, I celebrated World Sight Day in Mossman, Australia. As this year’s Lions World Sight Day focused on community vision screenings, I joined Australia Lions in providing vision screenings and eye health education for children, students and adults. Vision screenings are an important first step to preventing and treating eye disease.It...
    Giovedì, 17 Ottobre 2013 17:16

    Diabetes Awareness in November

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    November is Lions Diabetes Awareness Month! The International Diabetes Federation estimates that 371 million people worldwide live with diabetes, and that number is expected to grow to 552 million by 2030. In November, we encourage Lions everywhere to join the fight against diabetes — planning projects and events that help increase awareness...
    Venerdì, 18 Ottobre 2013 15:00

    Lions in the Headlines

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    Check out how Lions around the world are making headlines by serving their communities.HAWAII, USA: Mayor to join Lions club volunteers to patch uneven sidewalks in Waikiki.CANADA: Lions help raise funds to give a local amputee a new lease on life.KENYA: Lions Club of Mombasa Pwani organize “Mini Olympics” event for disabled children.TE...
    Lunedì, 21 Ottobre 2013 15:00

    Webinar: Lions Leadership Resources

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    The LCI Leadership Division has developed a webinar to help Lions take advantage of the wealth of resources on the LCI website.Highlights include:A tour of available materials and how online resources can assist club and district leaders and officers.Focus on the Leadership Resource Center and its role in developing the skills and knowledge of...
    Martedì, 22 Ottobre 2013 15:59

    Extend Your Membership Month!

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    The October Membership Growth Month may be ending soon, but inviting new members is a year-round process. New members help ensure continued growth and success, and they increase your club’s ability to provide valuable service to your community.It’s the responsibility of all Lions to invite new members, but your club membership chairperson can play...
    Giovedì, 12 Settembre 2013 15:43

    International Literacy Day Recap

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    Today’s post is written by Lion Linda Madden, wife of Immediate Past International President and LCIF Chairperson Wayne Madden. Mrs. Madden just spent the past three days celebrating International Literacy Day with Christie Vilsack from USAID, a Lions Reading Action Program partner, Andreja Stojkovski from Lions of Macedonia, and other Lions...
    Venerdì, 13 Settembre 2013 15:00

    Lions in the Headlines

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    Check out how Lions around the world are making headlines by serving their communities.KENYA: Lions celebrate opening of a new eye clinic.MALAYSIA: Region 2 Lions Clubs launched its Lions “Sight First to Life on Cataract and Diabetes Awareness” project with the Sibu General Hospital.MICHIGAN, USA: Lions help uncover two century-old...
    Venerdì, 06 Settembre 2013 15:00

    Lions in the Headlines

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    Check out how Lions around the world are making headlines by serving their communities.NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA: Nashua Lions Club celebrate a successful partnership and season with Special Olympics athletes.CALIFORNIA, USA: California Lions and LCIF help with relief efforts for area wildfires.MARIANA ISLANDS: Newly chartered Tinian Marianas Lions...
    Domenica, 08 Settembre 2013 15:00

    Lions Celebrate International Literacy Day

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    Today marks International Literacy Day, which celebrates the importance of literacy as the foundation for education and social development.This week’s celebration includes a joint event with Reading Action Program partner USAID. Lion Linda Madden, wife of Immediate Past International President and LCIF Chairperson Wayne Madden , will visit with...
    Lunedì, 09 Settembre 2013 15:00

    Video: Lions Balloon Festival

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    The Lions Club Balloon Festival and Fair at Highland Village, Texas, began in 1987. Today, the event has grown to become the largest scheduled event in the county, with upward of 25,000 people attending each year.Watch the video above to see how the festival has become a premier event, with craft booths, balloon glows, entertainment food and more....
    Martedì, 10 Settembre 2013 15:00

    Set Up a Personal Facebook/Twitter

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    We’ve already told you about the benefits of setting up a Facebook or Twitter account for your club, but what about a personal account? Perhaps you’re already connected on social media to stay in touch with friends and family, but don’t forget — your personal account is also a great way to share your Lions stories with...
    Mercoledì, 11 Settembre 2013 15:00

    Palmer’s Blog: Lions Floating Hospital

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    During my recent trip to Bali in Indonesia, I had the privilege of visiting the doctorSHARE hospital ship, which provides healthcare services and surgeries thanks to a collaboration between doctorSHARE, Lions Club Indonesia MD 307, the University of Udayana’s school of medicine and the Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar. This floating hospital t...
    Lunedì, 02 Settembre 2013 15:00

    Read the September LION Magazine

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    In the September LION Magazine, meet a thriving Campus Lions club in Athens, Georgia, and find out how these young Lions are making the grade in service. Also, learn about Lions who are service pioneers in Armenia and read a firsthand account of the legacy of the Air Cadets in Canada.Also in this issue:Discover how women are making a difference…
    Martedì, 03 Settembre 2013 15:00

    Lions Online Course Recommendations

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    Do you currently hold a Lions leadership position, or dream of becoming a Lions leader one day but don’t know where to start? Visit the Lions Learning Center (LLC) for online courses that can help you achieve your dream. In addition to the many courses already organized by these key leadership skills: Leadership, Achieving Results, Managing...
    Lunedì, 26 Agosto 2013 15:00

    Video: Campus Lions Club in Texas

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    A Campus Lions club is a great way to get young people involved in community service projects, help students develop valuable leadership and networking skills, and better serve both the campus and larger community as a whole.Watch the video above to see how students of the University of Texas at Austin Lions Club have fun while serving their...
    Martedì, 27 Agosto 2013 15:00

    Lions Young Leaders in Service Awards

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    As August’s Engaging Our Youth campaign comes to a close, it’s time to recognize young volunteers for their outstanding service to the community. Recipients of the Lions Young Leaders in Service Awards are typically ages 12 to 18 and have completed either 50 hours of community service (Silver Seal Award) or 100 hours of community service (Gold S...
    Mercoledì, 28 Agosto 2013 15:00

    Palmer’s Blog: 2014 Convention in Toronto

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    Last week I visited Toronto, Canada, the site of our next Lions International Convention on July 4-8, 2014. After seeing this beautiful city, I am even more excited for the convention events, seminars and fun activities planned for Lions around the world. Toronto is an incredibly vibrant, diverse city, with a wealth of culture and energy for Lions...
    Giovedì, 29 Agosto 2013 15:00

    DECA International Camping Conference

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    The Diabetes Education and Camping Association (DECA) is holding an International Diabetes Camping Conference from September 26 to 29, 2013 at Camp Congrad-Chinnock in Southern California, USA.Why Attend?DECA assists diabetes camping programs and similar types of activities, and the dedicated people who work with these programs, as they help...
    Venerdì, 30 Agosto 2013 15:00

    Lions in the Headlines

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    Check out how Lions around the world are making headlines by serving their communities.CALIFORNIA, USA: Lake Tulloch Lions teams up with other California clubs to help residents displaced by wildfires.IOWA, USA: Muscatine Lions Club provides free vision screenings for children starting preschool.GUYANA: New Amsterdam Lions Club donates funds...
    Martedì, 20 Agosto 2013 15:00

    Spread the News: Lions Press Releases

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    The more your community knows about your club’s local volunteer opportunities, activities and achievements, the more of an impact you can make on people’s lives. Increase awareness and recruit new members by submitting press releases to your local newspapers.Not sure how to write a press release that will garner the attention your club deserves?...
    Mercoledì, 21 Agosto 2013 15:00

    Palmer’s Blog: My Visit to Lions HQ

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    Earlier this month, I had my first official visit to Lions Clubs International headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois. I was thrilled with the chance to meet the staff members that help Lions clubs around the world serve their communities.While at headquarters, I attended the New Director’s Orientation and met with the 2013-2015 First Year...
    Giovedì, 22 Agosto 2013 15:00

    LQ Behind the Scenes: Stuff the Bus

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    Each quarter, Lions Clubs International publishes the Lions Quarterly (LQ) video magazine, which features Lions serving in extraordinary ways. The LQ crew travels everywhere, from India to Hawaii, Australia to Montana, in order to share these Lions clubs projects with you.Their most recent filming was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, where Lions...
    Venerdì, 23 Agosto 2013 15:00

    Lions in the Headlines

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    Check out how Lions around the world are making headlines by serving their communities.CALIFORNIA, USA: Discovery Bay Lions Club member refuses to let blindness prevent him from achieving his dreams, and helping others with disabilities.AUSTRALIA: Moore Park Lions Club helps to raise over $50,000 to help regional flood victims.IOWA, USA: Iowa...
    Mercoledì, 14 Agosto 2013 15:00

    Palmer’s Blog: What’s Your Promise?

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    Did you visit the “I Promise” board at the Lions International Convention in Hamburg this year? If so, then you got to see how Lions everywhere are making the promise to recruit new members. Even just one Lion recruiting one new member can help impact the world. Watch the video above to see for yourself how Lions fill the map…
    Giovedì, 15 Agosto 2013 15:00

    Webinar: Managing a Service Project

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    Are you interested in the coordination and management of effective and successful service projects? Register for the Managing a Service Project webinar! In this webinar, we’ll review some of the key steps in managing a successful service project, including:Define a service project’s purposeSet goalsForm a teamEvaluate a projectVisit...
    Venerdì, 16 Agosto 2013 15:00

    Roles of a Lions Sponsor

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    New member sponsorship is critical to ensuring your Lions club will continue to grow and serve your community for years to come. As a new member sponsor, you must take on several roles in order to successfully attract, welcome and retain new members:Recruiter. Seek out enthusiastic people in your community who will bring energy, enthusiasm and...
    In today’s digital world, social media is one of the most effective ways to get the Lions message out to local communities and the world. By setting up a Facebook or Twitter account for your Lions club or district, you have the ability to:Connect with current, new and potential Lions membersShare photos and videos of your recent community...
    Mercoledì, 06 Giugno 2012 16:32

    L.C. Rieti Host

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    Architettura. Giovani neo laureati Mediterranea premiati a Rieti.Si è svolta venerdì 1 giugno a Rieti, la cerimonia di premiazione del Concorso di Idee per la realizzazione di una fontana ornamentale che, posta lungo la storica via Salaria, fungerà da porta d’ingresso al progetto “Rieti: la Città delle Acque”.L’iniziativa, tesa alla valorizzazione...
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