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How to Make a #DignityHarmonyHumanity Paper Crane - Lions Clubs Videos

Japan legend promises that anyone who folds 1,000 cranes will be granted a wish. The wish of Lions clubs around the world is to spread #DignityHarmonyHumanity through service and international cooperation. Lions are fulfilling wishes of health, hope and a better life for millions of people. Please help spread the Lions' message of #DignityHarmonyHumanity around the world. 1. Fold a crane. Make a paper crane and write #DignityHarmonyHumanity on it. 2. Share a crane. Take a photo of your crane at a special place in your community or at the location of a Lions service project. Share your photo with the hashtag #DignityHarmonyHumanity on social media and on your Lions club Facebook page. 3. Give a crane. Give your paper crane to someone you know or leave the crane somewhere in your community for another person to find. Challenge other Lions and friends to do the same and spread #DignityHarmonyHumanity.

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